Coming Up Short: Trenton fireworks show needs donations for July 4th display

4th Of July Fireworks News Graphic
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Donations are being accepted for the Trenton fireworks show scheduled for Independence Day. The fireworks will be launched from the Rock Barn area on July 4 at 9:30 p.m. or dusk.

Lauren Dannar, who is assisting the Fireworks Committee, explained that the annual fireworks display is made possible through donations from the community and the efforts of a group of volunteers.

More than 20 donors, including business owners and community members, have contributed this year. The goal is to cover the $6,100 cost of the fireworks and insurance. As of June 18, approximately $4,000 had been raised.

Premier Pyrotechnics is contracted to provide the local pyrotechnic display. Brad Coursey, who has previously managed the show in Trenton, will once again handle the display from the Rock Barn area.

The best location to safely watch the fireworks on July 4th is under consideration.



The duration of the show will depend on whether the donation goal is met. This year’s display is expected to be similar to last year’s.

Many other communities receive substantial city support for their fireworks displays. Dannar noted that the city has been very cooperative in setting up the event.



Donations can be left with Fireworks Committee Member Cole Soptic at Farmers State Bank. Community members may also call the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce office at 660-359-4324 and speak with Dannar.

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