Coach Melissa Spencer announces formation of Dance Wave Crew at NCMC

Melissa Spencer

From Cheerleaders to Pom Squads to Dance Crews, you will be seeing a new group adding spirit to the NCMC campus. The Dance Wave Crew consists of 12 students from the surrounding areas, all seeking degrees at NCMC. These girls bring with them cheer, pom, dance, and gymnastics backgrounds.

The DWC will be performing at all the HOME Pirate and Lady Pirate Basketball games this season. They have made some public appearances which included the Missouri Days Parade and working concession during the NCMC Alumni Baseball game. Besides the home basketball games, the girls are scheduled to perform during our Holiday Lighting on November 18th and Trenton’s Downtown Christmas on December 14th.

The first DWC was formed by recruitment during Spring 2019 and NCMC quickly started signing dancers and jumped into dance clinics, workshops, and camps by mid-summer.

Members of the 2019-2020 Dance Wave Crew are:

Katie Adkison, Hamilton, MO; Skyler Adkison, Hamilton, MO; Carly Beebe, Chillicothe, MO; Shaylea East, Hamilton, MO; Chasidy Finney, Cainsville, MO; Kassie Frederick, Kirksville, MO; Kayley Griffin, Trenton, MO; Thelma Guerrero, Trenton, MO; Audra Lee, Winigan, MO; Sarabeth Michael, Gallatin, MO; Essie Williamson, Gilman City, MO; and Karley Young, Maysville, MO. and Coach Melissa Spencer