City of Trenton responds to ConAgra’s closing announcement

City of Trenton
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Over a month ago, the corporate officials of ConAgra announced the possibility of closing the Trenton facility. Today ConAgra announced its plans to close its Trenton facility by 2018, a decision that will tremendously impact our community and surrounding areas.

Since the first announcement, City representatives have held meetings with local, county and regional stakeholders, along with Missouri Department of Economic Development (and its Division of Workforce Development) to develop incentives that would encourage investment into labor, building and equipment.

The City and State have reached out multiple times to corporate to set up meetings to offer these incentives to maintain their operations in Trenton.

Community Development Director, Ralph Boots states, “We are saddened by the news we received today, especially after our efforts to contact corporate to come up with a solution. We are still optimistic that whether it’s with ConAgra or other prospects that a solution is achievable for our community, our region, and our state.

Trenton is a close knit community that has a dedicated and hardworking workforce. Many employees at the ConAgra plant have worked there for more than 25 years. Any company would be proud to have that type of commitment from their employees.”

In response to this disappointing announcement, the City of Trenton immediately began reaching out to our State resources and economic development networks in an asserted and focused effort to identify options for the facility. In addition to the economic impact the City is concerned about all families affected by this decision.

The City and partners are developing a response plan as this process continues to unfold. City representatives will continue to be persistent to meet with ConAgra officials while exploring all options. The City will remain positive as it works with all stakeholders in our community along with State and federal agencies.

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Randall Mann

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