City Administrator reports flood damage in Trenton at $325,000

Flooding Graphic

The city of Trenton has reported a $325,000 estimate on preliminary damage due to recent flooding on May 25 and May 28, 2019.

The estimate is based on damage at ten sites. The report compiled by City Administrator Ron Urton has been submitted to the City Council for tonight’s meeting. The process involves a request for public assistance on the Trenton application for State Emergency Management Agency funds.

The list includes $224,000 involving utilities which include the river pump station, an exposed force main, bank erosion by the power poles, and the sewer lagoon berm. Over $96,000 is the estimated loss due to flood damage on the airport runway pavement, runway and navigation lights.

A total of $3,175 is listed as the cost of clearing culverts and debris removal. Two thousand dollars is listed at a park location due to ditch erosion and loss of rip rap. The dollar value was yet to be determined on possible damage at the jetty at the water plant intake structure.

According to Urton, the airport had flood water in all buildings and runway lights with pavement damage at the south end of the runway. The force main crossing at the south end is exposed in Muddy Creek due to bank erosion. The force main will need to be moved further into the bank and the bank lined with rip rap. Clean up and drying out efforts were underway at the airport buildings.

The sewer plant has bank erosion along Muddy Creek adjacent to lagoon berms. The bank will need to be stabilized and protected from future erosion. Significant bank erosion was noted at the river pump station but the water did not get in there.

Urton reported he’s visited with an engineer about replacing the culvert under the road that floods and goes to the sewer plant. Urton said a box culvert or a short bridge could be installed there and sees this as a potential joint venture involving the county, township, and city.

Urton reported two electric poles along Muddy Creek are endangered due to bank erosion. One is on 28th Street at the north end of the airport runway and the other is by the entrance to the sewer plant.