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In the Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court, 41-year old Toby Street of Trenton has waived a preliminary hearing and was bound over to Division 1 of Circuit Court on charges accusing felony possession of methamphetamine and possessing numerous smoking devices, intended to be used with methamphetamine.  A charge accusing Street with misdemeanor passing a bad check was certified to be heard in Division 1 of Grundy County Circuit Court.

Thirty-three year old Brandy Street, of the same Trenton address, pleaded guilty to passing bad checks and was fined $200.00, and required to pay court costs of $116.00 and restitution of $533.00.  A plea agreement was involved.  A second count accusing Brandy Street with passing bad checks was dismissed by the prosecution.

Twenty-four-year-old Steven Johnson of Trenton pleaded guilty to misdemeanor stealing.  The imposition of a sentence was suspended and Judge Steve Hudson placed Johnson on two years of probation.  He is required to pay $116.00 in court costs, and sentenced to 12 days of shock incarceration in the Grundy County Detention Center, but given credit for already serving those days.  Johnson was accused of appropriating currency from George and Lillie Johnson on March 1st.  The charge was amended from second-degree burglary to the misdemeanor stealing charge.

Twenty-one year old Camry Holstead of Leisure Lake and Trenton plead guilty to misdemeanor driving while suspended on March 9th.  Ms. Holstead was sentenced to three months in the Grundy County Detention Center.  However, execution of the sentence was stayed and Judge Hudson put Ms. Holstead on two years probation.  She was sentenced to 13 days of shock time in custody but was given credit for already serving that time.  A plea agreement was involved.

Ms. Holstead also entered a guilty plea for failure to register a motor vehicle and displaying or possessing license plates of another, both on March 9th, and driving while her license was suspended on February 11th.  Fines and court costs on those charges totaled $658.00.



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