Chillicothe woman charged with felony burglary

Burglary Graphic

A Chillicothe woman has been charged in Livingston County with felony burglary—second degree after allegedly unlawfully entering the Chillicothe Animal Shelter.

Online court information shows Haley Louise Graves entered a plea of not guilty in the Associate Division of Circuit Court this week. She was referred to a public defender for representation.  The court amended the bond to 10% posting allowed with all other conditions remaining. Bond was previously set at $10,000 cash only. Graves is not to enter Chillicothe Animal Shelter property, not to possess any animals, and not to leave Livingston County except to meet with her bond supervisor.

The case was continued to October 21st.

A probable cause statement from Chillicothe Police Officer Kami Nelson accuses Graves of stealing four dogs from the animal shelter. The dogs had been seized from Graves’s address due to animal neglect.  Officers discovered a fence cut on the south side of the shelter and recovered a pair of gray bolt cutters lying near the damaged fence. Camera footage showed a subject, identified as Graves, removing a dog from a kennel, placing a leash around it, and going out a door leading to the larger housing unit.