Chillicothe woman arrested yet again, after being released 2 days ago on bond

Kimberly Brandes

Some people cannot seem to grasp the concept of how law enforcement works. Authorities turn their emergency lights on, you stop. That wasn’t the case in Chillicothe this Thursday afternoon.

At approximately 4 pm today, Livingston County deputies were attempting to serve a warrant in the 1500 block of Webster Street. It was then that Sheriff Steve Cox spotted the wanted individual driving a pickup on Webster near Dickson street.

The individual in question, one Kimberly Brandes, cut through Jackson Street, and went went south on Dickinson Street as authorities were attempting to stop the vehicle. In the end, Ms. Brandes, 47, of Chillicothe was arrested on a Livingston County warrant for bond supervision violation on an original charge of felony unlawful possession of a weapon. Bond was set at twenty five thousand dollars.

Brandes was also cited for careless and imprudent driving as well as failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

She was transported to the Daviess-Dekalb County Regioal Jail, where she was previously released on bond on May 31, 2016 on two felony allegations of being in unlawful possession of a firearm, and possession of Methamphetamine.