Chillicothe scratchers player wins $50,000 on favorite ticket

Treasure Hunt Missouri Lottery Ticket
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A Missouri Lottery ‘Treasure Hunt’ Scratchers ticket, bought at Walmart, 1000 Graves St., Chillicothe, brought luck to one of its avid fans. This individual won one of the game’s top prizes.

The lucky winner mentioned that he bought the ticket as it was his girlfriend’s preferred Scratchers game, however, he waited a few days before scratching it. ‘I had it in my back pocket for a couple of days,’ he said. ‘I almost lost it a few times. My girlfriend insisted we scratch it soon.’

When he finally did, the ticket revealed a $50,000 top prize. ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes,’ he shared with a laugh. He plans to spend part of his winnings on a new car.

In fiscal year 2023, Livingston County players won over $1.8 million in Missouri Lottery prizes. Retailers in the county earned more than $198,000 in commissions and bonuses. Additionally, the Lottery contributed over $604,000 to educational programs in the county.

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