Chillicothe police to seek charges against individual who refused to follow directives, then drove from scene

Chillicothe Missouri Police Department
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Chillicothe police say charges of resisting lawful detention would be sought after an individual refused orders Saturday night.

Officers responded to the 400 block of Mack Street to contact a person who repeatedly called 911 requesting an escort home. The caller mentioned seeing people out to get him. Officers speaking to the subject determined him to possibly be in a state of drug-induced psychosis and noted the individual was in a locked vehicle and refused to exit.

Officers advised the individual he was detained and they wished to conduct field sobriety tests to ensure the person would not be driving while under the influence, however, the vehicle was started and the individual fled the area.

Officers with the Chillicothe Police Department said the person was identified and charges would be sought for resisting lawful detention.

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