Chillicothe Police Department activity report for Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2024

Chillicothe Police Activity Report
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The Chillicothe Police Department had a busy day on Tuesday, January 16th, 2024, with a wide range of incidents keeping officers on their toes. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the day’s activities:

12:51 AM – Officers responded to an alarm call in the 500 block of Washington Street. However, upon arrival, it was determined to be a false alarm, and no further action was needed.

9:15 AM – Officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Clay Street to address a reported Domestic Disturbance. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the situation involved a verbal argument, and both parties involved agreed to separate. No arrests were made in this case.

11:24 AM – A call came in regarding a two-vehicle accident near the intersection of Easton and Jackson Street. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries, but both vehicles required towing.

5:31 PM – Officers rushed to the scene at the 100 block of E 2nd Street following another report of a Domestic Disturbance. Upon investigation, one male was arrested for Domestic Assault 3rd Degree. The suspect was first taken to the Police Department for processing and later transported to Caldwell County Jail to face pending charges.

6:37 PM – Another two-vehicle accident occurred, this time in the area of Mitchell and Bus 36 Hwy. Fortunately, there were no injuries, and the damage to the vehicles involved was minor.

6:52 PM – Officers were called to address a parking complaint at 3rd Street and Hickory, however, by the time officers arrived at the scene, the vehicle in question had already left the area.

In addition to these incidents, Chillicothe Police Officers conducted various traffic stops, and business checks, and followed up on numerous ongoing investigations. The Chillicothe Police Department responded to a total of 71 calls for service on Tuesday, January 16th, 2024.

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