Chillicothe offers solutions for storm debris disposal needs

Burn Pile for storm debris news graphic
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The Chillicothe Street Department will not be picking up storm debris curbside.

Residents are requested to take their storm debris to the CMU burn pile. For those unfamiliar with its location, follow these directions: head south on Washington Street, turn left onto Third Street until reaching Mitchell Avenue, then turn right and proceed to Ryan Lane. Take a left at Ryan Lane, cross the railroad tracks, and the burn pile will be on your right side. The site only accepts tree branches and limbs.

If you lack the means to transport storm debris, such as a truck or trailer, consider asking neighbors, friends, and family for assistance. Alternatively, yard waste can be disposed of by purchasing a $0.75 sticker per bag (with a 40-gallon maximum size) at the CMU office. Once your yard waste is bagged, tagged, and placed on the curb, call the CMU office for pickup.

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