Chillicothe firefighters respond to house fire on Cowgill Street

House Fire

Chillicothe firefighters on Sunday evening responded to a house fire at 325 Cowgill Street.

Upon arrival, fire was seen coming from the peak of the roof in the middle of the structure. A spokesman noted fire was on the second floor, having vented itself through a window. Fire crews forced entry to a side door and discovered heavy smoke that was banked down a foot from the floor. Fire was found in the kitchen.

After the fire was extinguished, air ventilation was started with the use of a fan in the doorway. A hole also was cut in the roof to assist with ventilation.  The Chillicothe fire department was on the scene approximately one and a half hours after 7 pm Sunday. Approximately 750 gallons of water were used.

The owner of the house was listed as Cinthia Barnes of 325 Cowgill Street.