Chillicothe firefighters respond to 503 East Bridge


Fire Saturday morning in Chillicothe caused significant smoke and heat damage to a garage and fire damage to the east wall of that structure.

Chief Wright said Chillicothe firefighters received a call of smoke coming from a garage behind the residence at 503 East Bridge. Firefighters arrived to find smoke billowing from the eaves and a door of the structure. The fire started around an electrical outlet that had a chop-saw plugged into it.

The owner of the structure, Ted Greene, was quoted as saying he had been in the garage Friday night and used the saw. Chief Wright said the owner was awakened Saturday morning by a neighbor who told him the garage was on fire.  Firefighters ventilated the garage and removed insulation and wall boards. A thermal imaging camera was used to verify there were no more areas of fire within the structure.

Wright said the owner had two tame ducks in a pen in the structure that perished in the fire.

Chillicothe firefighters were on the scene about 45 minutes.