Chillicothe firefighters respond to 200 Crescent Drive

House Fire

The Chillicothe Fire Department late Thursday afternoon responded to the scene of a house fire for more than an hour at 200 Crescent Drive which sustained significant smoke damage.

Captain Allen indicated the cause was possibly electrical in nature as the origin was traced to a dehumidifier in the basement. The owner and occupant was listed as Trent Epperson. No was home at the time of the fire reported at 4:35 Thursday afternoon.

Upon arrival at the address, firefighters observed smoke and deployed an inch and a half hand line. Firefighters entered on the south side, then into the basement where the fire was extinguished. A thermal imaging camera was used to search for any remaining hot spots. A ventilation fan was used, and windows were opened, to remove the smoke.

Approximately 500 gallons of water, plus some foam, were used. Firefighters report the only casualties of the fire were two cats who were found deceased. The Livingston County Humane Society was notified.