Chillicothe Fire Department responds to two vehicle fires on Sunday

Chillicothe Missouri Fire Department
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The Chillicothe Fire Department responded to motor vehicle fires on Sunday, one at a business location.

It was 12:30 when a call was received of fire on the lot behind Sydenstricker’s on Highway 36, east of Chillicothe. Upon arrival, four vehicles were involved in the fire.

A request was then made for a tanker to bring more water to the scene. After a few minutes, firefighters noticed gasoline was leaking from one of the cars. The department was using foam in the firefighting effort. But when it ran out, a request was made for another pumper truck with foam capabilities.

It was noted a total of 40 gallons of foam and approximately 3,500 gallons of water was used to extinguish the fire. The owner of the property where the cars were being stored told firefighters that no one was around at the time of the fires stating he had received a call from a motorist passing by the scene. The owner was listed as Gabrielson Towing Company.

After looking over the fire scene, the Chillicothe Fire Department requested further investigation be done by the state fire marshal’s office.

About 8 o’clock last night, a sports utility vehicle was reported on fire at 307 Vine Street.

Upon arrival, the fire was in the engine compartment. Approximately 200 gallons of water and one gallon of foam was used to extinguish this fire. The owner was listed as Johnna Biswell who told firefighters that the vehicle had not been running correctly and work was being done on it.

When the fire was noticed, the owner backed it out of the driveway, away from a house, and parked the SUV in the street.

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