Chillicothe Fire Department responds to Chillicothe Correctional Center


Chillicothe firefighters responded early today to the Chillicothe Correctional Center, and upon arrival, moderate smoke was coming from the south side of the north service building where they discovered a fire in a large clothes dryer.

A report by Fire Chief Darrell Wright says a pressurized water can was used to extinguish the fire. Materials in the dryer were then removed to the outside of the building and two fans were used to remove smoke from the room.

The fire sprinkler system also was going off above the dryer. The correctional center maintenance crew had shut off power to that area of the building prior to the arrival of the fire department and also shut down the sprinkler system upon firefighters request.

Fire damage was limited to the inside of the dryer with smoke damage throughout the laundry room. There was some water damage from the sprinkler system in the dryer service area as water was also running across the floor into a storage area.

Personnel stated that they were alerted to the fire by the fire alarm system and investigated a nearby room and smelled smoke. Their security staff pulled up the camera in the laundry service room and saw smoke rolling across the ceiling in that room. They attempted to extinguish the fire with 2 dry chemical extinguishers but were unable to put out the fire as smoke got too heavy for them. They then called the Chillicothe Fire Department which was at the scene nearly two hours.

It was just past 12:30 this morning when Chillicothe fire responded to the scene at 3151 Litton Road with two fire engines and six personnel.