Chillicothe Fire Department responds to car fire at Walmart

Vehicle Fire news graphic

The Chillicothe Fire Department responded to a car fire at Walmart on October 7. Captain Tracy Bradley reports the fire department was told the vehicle was near the automotive area, and no one was inside. She says employees tried to put out the flames with fire extinguishers.

Upon the fire department’s arrival, firefighters found flames coming from under the hood and tire on the driver’s side. Firefighters used a handline and began extinguishing the flames. They tried to pry open the hood, but they had to use spreaders to gain access. About 300 gallons of water were used with foam.

Bradley says the owner, listed as Ethan Prindle of Chillicothe, said it was the first time he had driven the car in a month. He had been inside Walmart for about an hour when someone noticed the flames. He stated he had no problems before the October 7 incident.

Bradley notes no damage was done to the inside of the vehicle. The cause of the fire was listed as unintentional.

Firefighters were at the scene for approximately 30 minutes.