Chillicothe Fire Department responds to brush fire


The Chillicothe Fire Department responded to a brush fire Wednesday morning that the property owner reportedly said had been burning for four days.

Captain Derrick Allen reports owner Dennis Savage and a deputy were on the scene when Hazmat 1 and Brush 1 arrived at 12478 LIV 222. Firefighters found a large pile of trees and brush on fire as well as some surrounding vegetation.

Allen says crews decided to make a fire break line around the brush pile and back burn it because it was too large to put out. He noted the vegetation was not burning well, so they put out that fire and widened the fire break line with approximately 200 gallons of water sprayed on the surrounding areas.

Lieutenant Andy Vaughn with the Chillicothe Fire Department spoke to the owner and told him he might want to stay and watch the burn. Fighters were on the scene about 45 minutes.