Chillicothe Fire Department responds to 827 Vine Street

Fire Truck

The Chillicothe Fire Department Monday night responded to a chimney flue fire at a house at 827 Vine Street.

A report from Captain Derrick Allen said entry was made into the residence with the owner showing firefighters where the wood stove was located.

Allen said the burning contents were removed from the stove and placed outside. Water was sprayed into the top of the chimney with the use of the department’s ladder truck. A dry chemical fire extinguisher was used at the base of the chimney to extinguish the fire.

Allen stated there was no significant damage, as the fire was contained inside of the chimney. A ventilation fan cleared the remaining smoke inside the home.

The homeowner was advised to have the chimney inspected and cleaned before using the stove again. The name of the owner was not provided.