Chillicothe Fire Department responds to 423 Cherry Street


A house at Chillicothe was damaged by fire over the weekend.

Chillicothe Fire Department was dispatched to 423 Cherry Street about 11:30 Saturday night and was at the scene for one hour.

Upon arrival, firefighters reported light smoke coming from the roof line and upon entering the house, an area in the kitchen ceiling was noted to be burned and dripping with water.

According to Fire Chief Darrell Wright, 150 feet of 1 ¾ hose was brought into the house, the electric meter was removed. The ceiling area of the kitchen was removed and taken outside. Wright noted cellulose insulation was found to be the cause of the smoke. And he indicated a faulty electrical circuit caused the fire.

The resident of the house was John Davenport and the owner is Jeff Foley.

The fire department quoted Davenport as stating earlier in the day he had added an electric space heater to a bedroom. Electrical power was lost to the living room, kitchen, and Bedroom, but there was power to the bathroom and back end of the house.

Davenport reported he replaced a cartridge fuse at about 5 o’clock on Saturday.

The Chillicothe fire department listed moderate damage to the kitchen and hallway. Approximately 200 gallons of water used.