Chillicothe Fire Department rescues woman from high-water on Third Street

Water Rescue

Chillicothe Fire Captain Tracy Bradley reports the department rescued a woman from a truck in high water on Third Street before Old Highway 190 on Monday night.

Medic 1 arrived on the scene at Third Street to LIV 256 and saw a light about 100 yards down the road. Rescue 1 proceeded down LIV 233 to try to rescue Ashton Crouch from the other side of the water, however, the truck could not be seen, so the firefighters came back to LIV 256.

Life safety ropes and a life jacket were used to secure a firefighter, and he proceeded into the water to get to the vehicle. Bradley notes crews were in contact via phone with Crouch, and she advised there was water inside the truck. The firefighter helped Crouch out of the truck, gave her a life jacket, and connected her to the life safety lines and both then walked out of the high water together. Crouch told the fire department she was already in the water before she could stop the truck and said she tried to turn around but lost power in the truck.

There were no injuries and Crouch’s family was on scene to take her home.

The Chillicothe Fire Department was on scene about 10 minutes.