Chillicothe FFA Chapter students attend academy at NMSU

Precision Ag Academy

Garrett Cramer of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter was one of the twenty-four students representing 20 area high schools receiving hands-on training June 20-22 in the ever-changing world of precision agriculture technologies.

The training took place when Northwest Missouri State University hosted the second annual AgriVision Equipment Precision Agriculture Summer Academy.

The AgriVision Equipment Precision Agriculture Summer Academy is a great example of how the agricultural industry and the University can come together to promote profession-based learning experiences,” Rod Barr, the director of Northwest’s School of Agricultural Sciences, said. “The students and teachers who participated in the academy are better able to understand the impact of technology on agriculture due to the support of AgriVision.”

Northwest faculty and AgriVision staff lead the instruction as students explore the use of global positioning systems (GPS), auto-guidance technology, precision application, remote sensing, geographic information systems and data collection management.

Students are selected for the summer academy on the basis of an application and reference letters. Participating students have completed their sophomore or junior years of high school and are active members of a 4-H club or FFA chapter. High school agriculture educators from schools of the selected students also participate.