Chillicothe Emergency Services answers 2600 calls in 2016

Chillicothe Missouri Fire Department

The Chillicothe Emergency Services received about 2,600 total emergency medical services and fire calls in 2016.

Chillicothe Fire Chief Darrell Wright reports 24 of those calls were for structure fires, four for outside of structure fires, 17 tree/brush/grass fires, and 15 were automobile fires.

He says the Chillicothe Fire Department and Chillicothe Ambulance District has several goals for 2017.

Those goals include updating all medical protocols; updating reporting software; providing more community classes on disaster preparedness; establishing EMS critical care transport service; conducting joint training with all law enforcement agencies, the health center, and Hedrick Medical Center; and organizing and starting an Honor Guard Team.

Another goal is participating with the Hedrick Medical Center Emergency Room in a fifth breast cancer awareness fundraiser this year.

The fire department and EMS completed a joint fundraiser with Hedrick Medical Center last year.

Funds raised benefited Hope House and local cancer patients.