Chillicothe City Council updates compensation for paid-by-call medical staff

Chillicothe City Website 2023
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The Chillicothe City Council, on February 12th, approved a change concerning interim pay for paid-by-call employees. City Clerk Amy Hess announced that starting March 1st, paid-by-call emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics will receive interim pay when they cover a 12 or 24-hour shift for a full-time employee. The interim pay will match the entry-level salary for the corresponding license.

Interim pay will be set at $13.21 per hour for paid-by-call employees, with a two-hour minimum when called in, plus an additional $25 per month. An interim paid-by-call EMT covering a 12 or 24-hour shift will earn $17.37 per hour, while an interim paid-by-call paramedic for the same shift will receive $18.94 per hour. These interim paid-by-call EMTs and paramedics will also be entitled to the $13.21 hourly rate with a two-hour minimum call-in, plus the $25 monthly stipend.

Furthermore, the council ratified a contract with Geo-Comm for the maintenance of the 911 geographic information system (GIS). This three-year agreement is valued at $23,326.46 and encompasses telephone and email support, triage services to pinpoint problem sources and the logging, tracking, and management of service requests aimed at achieving same-day resolutions.

New appointments to boards were also confirmed during the council meeting. Andrew Clark has been appointed to the Parks and Recreation Board, and Ron Miller to the Airport Board.

Chelsea Corkins, representing the University of Missouri Extension in Livingston County, requested $5,000 in funding support. The council, however, deferred action on this request.

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