Chillicothe City Council sets property tax rates; grants conditional use permit for installation of cell phone tower

City of Chillicothe Website

The Chillicothe City Council approved several ordinances on the evening of Monday, August 10th.

One ordinance involved setting the property tax rates. The tax levy for all property real, personal, and mixed was set at 69.17 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for the General Reserve Fund of the city. The tax levy was set at 19.45 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for the Parks Fund. City Administrator Darin Chappell said the Chillicothe tax rates are the same as last year and have not changed for several years.

Other ordinances granted a conditional use permit to Jeffrey Griffith at 1 East Bridge Street for the installation of a cell phone tower and amended the zoning at 420 Martin Street from R-3 to MU-1. Zoning Administrator Kevin Shira previously reported Hope Haven wanted the property at 420 Martin Street rezoned to mixed-use for selling purposes, so the buyer could use the property for whatever the buyer wanted.

The Chillicothe City Council approved an ordinance involving a cooperative agreement with Livingston County and the Rich Hill Township regarding Litton Road. Chappell says the agreement will allow the city to maintain Litton Road in full and police traffic on the road. Another ordinance established a 25 mile per hour speed limit on Litton Road.

An ordinance to amend the personnel policy regarding police department overtime was tabled.

The council approved a request for the 2021 Polar Plunge to be held at Simpson Park for Special Olympics Missouri.

Several appointments and reappointments were made to city boards.

There was a discussion of roof replacement on some of the park shelter houses. Chappell says the city will replace two roofs, and the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs will pay for two others.

Chappell reported a street project is being done on South Mitchell Avenue and Litton Road. Engineers are conducting a survey on streets to prioritize how to proceed going forward.