Chillicothe City Council approves zoning amendments at July 8th meeting

Chillicothe City Hall sign
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The Chillicothe City Council approved three ordinances and two resolutions on July 8th.

One ordinance amended the zoning at 532 McCormick Street from light industrial to commercial/highway business. James and Connie Chapman filed for the rezoning. City Clerk Amy Hess reported that the Chapmans might add living quarters and conduct commercial business at the location.

Another ordinance amended the mixed-use zoning rear setback from 25 feet to 15 feet. The change is due to the area being rebuilt with businesses and new homes.

The third ordinance provided fair housing for the City of Chillicothe. It defined discriminatory housing practices and created a Fair Housing Committee. The ordinance stated that the city’s public policy eliminates discrimination and safeguards the right of any person to sell, purchase, lease, rent, or obtain real property.

A fourth ordinance was tabled until the next meeting. It involved vacating a platted and undeveloped road north of 103 Asher Street. Codes Administrator Gil Gates will locate and evaluate the original plat to determine which addition or additions the road originally belonged to.

One resolution established rules and regulations regarding the use of excessive force during non-violent civil rights demonstrations. It included physically barring access to a facility or location subject to such demonstrations and providing penalties for violations. The resolution was approved by a vote of three to one, with Council Member Reed Dupy voting no and Council Member Pam Jarding absent. The resolution prohibits the use of excessive force by law enforcement agencies within the city’s jurisdiction against individuals engaged in non-violent civil rights demonstrations. It also prohibits physically barring any entrance or exit to such facilities and mandates enforcing applicable state laws.

The other resolution expressed intent to seek funding through the Community Development Block Grant program and authorized the mayor to pursue activities to secure funding. Hess stated that the city would seek $300,000.

The council appointed Ben Vance to the Board of Adjustments, as recommended by Mayor Theresa Kelly.

Robert Conrad of Conrad and Higgins CPA presented the 2023-2024 audit. The audit will be reviewed and brought back at the next meeting for approval to allow the council time to review the documents. City Auditor Allison Jeffries asked council members to look over the audit and submit any questions to her as soon as possible.

Hess reminded the council that the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association would be in Chillicothe on July 9th at 1 p.m. for the enforcement simulator. A 911 Advisory Board meeting will be on July 16th at 11 a.m. The Hutchinson stormwater bid opening is scheduled for July 30th at 11 a.m.

After an executive session, it was announced that the council approved hiring Matt Wright as a full-time police officer at $22 per hour, effective July 9th.

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