Chillicothe City Council approves ordinance declaring Sliced Bread Building historic landmark

City of Chillicothe Website

The Chillicothe City Council approved ordinances on January 11thaccepting a re-subdivision in the Industrial Park and declaring the Sliced Bread Building a historic landmark.

The re-subdivision involves lots of two, four, and five in the Industrial Park. City Administrator Darin Chappell reports the subdivision effort was originally presented to the city more than 20 years ago, and work is ready to be started now.

Chappell explains the Sliced Bread Building is where sliced bread was first commercially produced and sold to the public. It has been renovated and is now a visitors center with one of the original bread slicers on display. The Historic Preservation Committee presented the building to the city to be recognized as a historic landmark. Chappell notes the city declaring the Sliced Bread Building as a historic landmark is the first step to having the designation recognized by state and national governments.

An inoperable railroad car and an unusable pickup bed trailer were added to the surplus property list to be sold for scrap.

The next Chillicothe City Council workshop will be held in public, but, after that, virtual meetings will be via Zoom and teleconference.

A budget workshop is scheduled for March 16th with the Board of Public Works. The Chillicothe Municipal Utilities annual budget proposal will be presented to the city council.

There was a discussion about a city council member seeing someone almost hit a street department employee while the employee was removing snow. City Council Member Josh Fosdick brought up the topic. Chappell advises residents to pay attention, slow down, and put down their phones.

A closed session was held for employees and/or personnel.