Chillicothe City Council approves ordinance amending employment agreement with City Administrator

City of Chillicothe Website

The Chillicothe City Council approved an ordinance in an executive session Monday night which authorized a second amendment to the employment agreement with City Administrator Darin Chappel.

The ordinance amended part of the employment agreement regarding health, disability, and life insurance benefits. The agreement now says that Chillicothe will provide health, hospitalization, surgical, and comprehensive medical insurance for Chappel and his spouse of a type and kind equal to that provided to other city employees, which may include a self-insured plan.

Chillicothe City Clerk Roze Frampton reports Chillicothe will now pay 100% of Chappel’s dependents health insurance premium. The monthly premium is approximately $411 per month. The contract prior to the amendment was only 25%.

The agreement also says that the City of Chillicothe will provide Chappel term life insurance for $250,000 and a policy of disability insurance for him similar to what was provided to the prior city administrator.