Chillicothe City Council amends city code, authorizes agreement for architectural services and amends storage container ordinance

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The Chillicothe City Council on September 23rd passed ordinances to amend the city code, authorize an agreement for architectural survey services, and amend the storage container ordinance.

A section of city code amended was “Eating Places, Drinking on Premises, Retail Packaged Sales, License Required” regarding alcohol and setting an effective date. The section now says no one with a license issued or any employee of the person should sell, give away, or permit the consumption of intoxicating liquor on his or her premises from 1:30 to 6 a.m. any day of the week. The drinking or consumption of intoxicating liquor should not be permitted on the licensed premises by anyone under age 21 or by any other person from 1:30 to 6 a.m. any day of the week.

One ordinance authorized an agreement with Bentonsport Preservation for an intensive level architectural survey of about 150 structures in an area of around 120 acres in an expanded downtown area not to exceed $19,075. The survey will be funded in part by an $11,445 Missouri Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation fund grant. The Chillicothe City Council approved in August 2020 to contribute towards the matching funds in collaboration with Livingston County and Chillicothe Industrial Development Corporation paying equal shares not to exceed $3,400.

The section of city code regarding cargo containers within the city now says it is to limit the placement and use of cargo containers as an accessory building, storage building, or storage or living unit in residential districts. It previously involved residential and commercial-zoned districts. Licensed contractors may place and use cargo containers on lots in residentially zoned districts for temporary offices and the storage of equipment and materials during construction as authorized by a city building permit. Cargo containers for the permitted temporary uses may not be located on a city street without the permission of the city codes officer.

Chillicothe City Clerk Rozanne Frampton reports there was discussion on a memorandum of understanding with the Bird Company regarding scooters, but there was no action taken. The matter is to be discussed at the meeting on October 11th.

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