Chillicothe Chamer of Commerce to offer Leadership Chillicothe

Leadership Chillicothe

The Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce is bringing back Leadership Chillicothe after a ten-year hiatus.

Up to 15 participants will complete the seven-month program where they will attend sessions focused on leadership skills, business and community issues, and the history and culture of Chillicothe and Livingston County.

Those individuals will be chosen based on their motivation and interest to serve in the Chillicothe area, potential or existing opportunities for advancement to leadership programs, willingness to commit time and energy to complete the program, and full support of the corporation or organization they represent.

Leadership Chillicothe will hold sessions on the second Wednesday of each month from April to October, excluding the initial retreat April 4 and 5.

A graduation ceremony will be held October 19.

An application for Leadership Chillicothe is available by clicking HERE.

The deadline to apply is March 15th.