Chillicothe Board of Adjustments, Planning and Zoning Board to meet on January 4, 2021

City of Chillicothe Website

The Chillicothe Board of Adjustments will hold a public hearing regarding a variance, and the Planning and Zoning Board will review a petition to nominate an address as a historic landmark. Both meetings will be at the Chillicothe City Hall on the evening of January 4th.

The Board of Adjustments hearing at 5:30 involves a variance to erect a building on a non-conforming lot at 1116 Springhill Road. Zoning Administrator Kevin Shira reports the size of the lot is smaller than what is required for a structure to be built.

The Planning and Zoning Board will review a petition from the Home of Sliced Bread Corporation on January 4th at 6 o’clock to nominate 100 Elm Street as a historic landmark. Shira says 100 Elm Street is where sliced bread used to be made.