Chiefs sign running backs West, Ware to contract extensions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) The Chiefs signed Charcandrick West to a three-year extension and fellow running back Spencer Ware to a two-year extension Thursday, solidifying their backfield alongsideJamaal Charles.

West and Spencer proved to be a potent change-of-pace duo when Charles went down with a season-ending ACL injury last season. Charles is expected to be ready for the start of the upcoming season, but locking up West and Ware will help take some of the load off the two-time All-Pro.

It also makes running back Knile Davis a potential trade piece.

“There are always enough footballs to go around,” West said. “With a room like we have and a team like we have, there’s no `I’ in team for real, and we look at it that way. That’s what we live by and that’s what we are going to go by. And that’s what makes the Chiefs a great team.”

The quick, elusive West was an undrafted free agent out of Abilene Christian who stuck with the Chiefs primarily for his special teams prowess. But after the injury to Charles, he was forced into service because his skill set is comparable to that of the Chiefs’ more established star.

West responded by starting nine games and running for 634 yards and four touchdowns.

“I’m not a person out looking for money. That’s not what this thing is about,” he said. “I’m just happy to still be in that same room and the same team with my brothers, man, and that’s all I have really been worried about. Just focusing on being a better football player.”

Ware was only slightly more accomplished when he arrived in Kansas City, a former LSU standout who had been drafted and cut loose by the Seahawks. The battering ram did not play in 2014 but stuck with the Chiefs in training camp, and went on to start two games and run for 403 yards with six TDs.

“I feel like my role is going to be similar to last year,” he said. “I’m going to go out there and they’re going to put me in situations and I’m just going to do my best to try to help the team the best way I can. Try to get over that last hump and continue to go deeper and deeper into the playoffs.”

Ware said he’d been keeping in touch with West regarding their contract situations, but it didn’t occur to them they’d be signing on the same day until they bumped into each other at their hotel.

“It was just one of those days where he called me and said `What are you doing?’ I’m like, `I’m on my way to Kansas City.’ Later on that day, it’s funny, he’s coming to Kansas City as well,” Ware explained. “So I kind of figured it was for the same thing.”

Ware also sounded unconcerned that touches could be scarce with Charles returning to the fold.

“We’re not real selfish. We’re a team,” he said. “We want to do the best for the team and that’s all that matters. As far as your own success, everyone has their own goals and things that they’re trying to accomplish personally. But as a team and as a unit, we have to come together, collectively, to try to reach that one goal, which is a championship. And we can’t do that if one person’s mad about some touches.”

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