Chief Tommy Wright updates Rotary on “adopt a street” program

Chief Tommy Wright updates Rotary on "adopt a street" program
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Trenton Police Chief Tommy Wright yesterday told Trenton Rotarians the police department’s adopt a street clean-up program has resulted in 250 pounds of trash being picked up thus far, with twenty two streets have been adopted.

Persons wishing to adopt a street or help financially with costs of the program should contact Trenton Police Chief Tommy Wright at the police station.

The Grundy County Learning Center is making the signs which recognize those involved in the clean-up efforts. The signs cost twenty eight dollars each.

Participants in the clean-up are asked to pick up trash at least three times a year.

Chief Wright said the program is an outgrowth of the police department’s efforts to abate nuisances at Trenton.

Wright said the department has dealt with four hundred fifty seven nuisance calls since he’s been at Trenton.

Trenton Rotarians also were reminded donations for the community fireworks show July 4th can be made to the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Persons also can contact committee members Debbie Carman, Diane Lowrey, Ralph Boots, Savannah Summers, or Rosetta Marsh.

At least four thousand dollars is needed for the show.

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