Charges filed against two men involved in high-speed pursuit that ended near Hamilton

High Speed Chase Charges Filed News Graphic

Two men have been charged in Ray County with multiple felonies following a multi-county vehicle pursuit on January 13th. Law enforcement reported started in Ray County and ended north of Hamilton.

Online court information shows 28-year-old Sergey Bocharov and 35-year-old Thomas Ainsworth have both been charged with assault—second degree—special victim, armed criminal action, property damage—first degree—damage to a motor vehicle with intent to steal, resisting, or interfering with an arrest for a felony, and tampering with physical evidence in a felony prosecution. They are being held without bond and are scheduled for court on January 19th.

Probable cause statements from Branden Williams of the Ray County Sheriff’s Office say two males, later identified as Bocharov and Ainsworth, left in a vehicle with a temporary license plate from a location on Sibley Street in Orrick after cutting off a catalytic converter on a truck.

The officer says he saw the vehicle in Flemming with its back hatch open and a male placing items inside. Williams activated his emergency lights and siren in an attempt to initiate a vehicle stop, but he notes the vehicle drove away.  The suspects allegedly threw items at Williams and other officers pursuing them. Some of the items were identified as power tools, boxes of ceramic tile, and a catalytic converter. This caused damage to Williams’s patrol vehicle, with estimated damages costing $2,200.

After leaving Ray County and entering Ludlow, Williams crossed railroad tracks and lost control. He says this caused him to sustain whiplash and a minor neck injury. His face also hit the steering wheel. The patrol vehicle was unable to continue the pursuit.

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox previously reported several of the vehicle’s tires were spiked, and the suspects continued at a slow speed before the incident ended.