Road Work Ahead Sign

Chillicothe to start 2016 street projects

The City Of Chillicothe will be starting their 2016 Street Projects next week. M & M Utilities will be the Contractor for the 2016 Street Projects. The first street to be rehabbed will be Brunswick Street from the Railroad tracks south to Ryan lane. This particular project will be completed in 4 phases. This will […]

Wet weather slows haymakers; seed heads become a problem

Missouri haymakers face unusual spring weather challenges. More problems are ahead. Making hay is more than working between rains, says Craig Roberts, University of Missouri Extension forage specialist. Grass seed heads have a bigger impact on hay quality than wet weather. For best nutrition, hay must be cut before grass transfers nutrients from the leaves […]

Scam Graphic

Scammers at it again in Livingston County

Scammers are up to their old tricks again in Livingston County. Sheriff Steve Cox is reporting that area residents report receiving a retail survey and fraudulent check in the mail. The person is requested to immediately deposit the large check, keep $300 for their personal fee, and spend the specific amount of money at the mentioned […]