and e-filing down after Missouri judiciary data center failure

Electrical Failure News Graphic
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An electrical failure on Saturday, June 29, at one of Missouri judiciary’s data centers damaged computer equipment, resulting in various systems across the state, including and e-filing, experiencing limited functionality or being unavailable. While the cause of the failure remains under investigation, there is no indication of any suspicious activity.

Information technology staff from the Supreme Court of Missouri’s state courts administrator’s office (OSCA) are diligently working to restore access to the case management systems and other impacted systems. Most functionalities are expected to be operational within a few days.

Despite the technical issues, courts will remain open and continue to perform essential functions. Any local court-specific notices provided to OSCA or the Court will be posted on the Notices page online.

During this period, electronic filing users may encounter difficulties in submitting filings for existing cases. While new cases may be filed, the courts may face challenges in processing them promptly. For further guidance, users should refer to Rule 103.06, which outlines the procedures to follow when the electronic filing system is unavailable at the time of document submission.

For additional information or assistance, questions can be directed to the OSCA Help Desk by calling toll-free at (888) 541-4894 or by emailing [email protected]

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