Carroll County Memorial Hospital Foundation purchases transport chairs for hospital

CCMH purchases Staxi chairs

Carroll County Memorial Hospital Foundation purchased 10 patient transport chairs, called Staxis, for use around the hospital.

Staxi chairs deliver safe, secure, and quiet patient transportation,” said Megan Griffin, CCMH Safety & Risk Coordinator. “They are easy to clean, stackable; include lifting armrests, never fail brakes, and have a 600lb weight limit.”

Staxi transport chairs are designed to move occupants safely and securely throughout the facility to appointments, procedures, diagnostics, and more. For over 20 years, Staxi has provided facilities with answers to help people who are distance challenged or temporarily immobile.

Carroll County Memorial Hospital Foundation was pleased to support the hospital’s request for the purchase of these transport chairs,” said Rachel Davidson, CCMH Foundation Director. “Having access to easy-to-clean chairs is especially important during COVID-19 when transporting patients through the hospital.”

These chairs are easy to store – taking up less room than our normal wheelchairs – easy to clean and easy to operate through high-trafficked areas.

All chairs feature a fail-safe braking system, stackable, non-folding frame, adjustable armrests, quality casters, anti-tip, courtesy rack, footrest, and microbial resistant cushions and paint. The chairs also come equipped with oxygen tank holders.