Carroll County Memorial Hospital continues STEM partnership with Brunswick School

CCMH STEM Mural Dedication

Carroll County Memorial Hospital and Brunswick R-II School District are continuing their partnership of providing educational opportunities for students through a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) lab.

In 2019, CCMH donated funds to sponsor the Brunswick R-II’s STEM lab initiative.

“CCMH is dedicated to supporting our local communities as they strive to provide high-level learning opportunities to their students,” said Jeff Tindle, CCMH Chief Executive Officer. “Providing quality curriculum in the areas of STEM benefits the hospital by home-growing students who may want a future career in the medical field.”

“We are so excited for the opportunities we have been able to provide for the students,” said Michelle Sanders, Brunswick R-II School District Librarian, and STEM Instructor. “With the grant that the hospital provided, we were able to purchase several items, which is allowing over half our students’ opportunities they may not have been able to do otherwise.”

The elementary students have been able to use green screen technology for many different projects.

“This is something that they have enjoyed,” Sanders said. The projects are filmed and displayed on the school’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, which allows the students’ families and friends to enjoy and encourage their creative talents.

The ability to offer this to students has yielded positive reports from the school that the parents and people in the community have enjoyed, according to Sanders. The students are receiving hands-on training on how to record, edit, and produce videos.

“The high school students have used the same products to work on projects during STEM lab and during multimedia class,” Sanders said. “The students have used these products to film digital news that includes menus, birthdays, and happenings in our school, and to create Hype videos for each of our sporting teams. We have also used the video equipment to film videos for store owners in the town of Brunswick and produced a video for the town of Carrollton.”

The grant provided other unique items like eight Raspberry Pis, three Dash Coding Robots, five Meky Makeys, and StickBots.

On Sept. 25, 2019, Tindle attended a STEM Lab Dedication ceremony at Brunswick School where students showed off the abilities they now have because of the equipment grant.

“We were pleased to see all the students have accomplished with the funds we provided,” Tindle said. “We know these students have the potential to go on to have successful careers and we hope some of them will choose to come back home to share their talents with their community.”

CCMH continues to support the school’s STEM lab. Another dedication ceremony took place Oct. 7, 2020, when the school unveiled a mural, created by Jordan Artis, recognizing CCMH’s continued partnership is providing the school grants to further students’ education through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.