Car show in Unionville draws over 100 entries

Car Show News Graphic

The vehicle (car) show held in Unionville on Saturday saw an impressive turnout with 102 entries participating. The event, under the banner of “If it rolls, it shows,” brought together automobile enthusiasts from various regions.

Winners by Class:

  • Cars Prior to 1970: Dave Fenton, Moravia, Iowa
  • Cars 1970 and Newer: Ron Mitchell, Centerville, Iowa
  • Motorcycles: David Welder, Unionville
  • Rat Rods: Rick McClure, Cincinnati, Iowa
  • Street Rods: Bill Prater, Cincinnati, Iowa
  • Pickups Prior to 1970: Angie Parham, Corydon, Iowa
  • Pickups 1970 and Newer: Tatum Sulser, Centerville, Iowa
  • Tractors: William Fleshman, Unionville
  • Semis: Cody Veach, Unionville
  • Miscellaneous Class: Bobbie Brooks, Unionville

In an unexpected move, organizers did not award a “Best of Show.”

The show, characterized by a $10 entry fee, succeeded in raising approximately $1,500. A significant portion of the proceeds is earmarked for the Putnam County Food Pantry, though the exact amount is yet to be determined.

An “If it rolls, it shows” committee orchestrated the event, aiming to support the Putnam County Food Bank. Given its success, plans are already in the pipeline to make the vehicle show an annual affair.

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