CAPNCM partners with Bright Futures to meet needs of Trenton R-9 children

Bright Futures Website

The Community Action Partnership of North Central Missouri has partnered with Bright Futures USA to meet potential unmet needs for Trenton R-9 School District children.

Bright Futures provides a framework to enable schools to engage businesses, human service agencies, faith-based organizations, and parent groups to meet the needs of their children.

The framework partners organizations with schools to quickly and efficiently meet students’ basic needs often within 24 hours.

Bright Futures believes that students are more likely to stay in school through graduation, have a higher degree of self-worth and confidence, and set and reach goals for the future when communities invest their time, talent, and treasure in their children and schools.

It also believes these students will grow up to be better neighbors, quality employees, and influential leaders in their communities.

Bright Futures was started in Joplin in 2010 and serves more than 23 communities in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Virginia, and more than 100,000 children are reached through the network nationwide.

Call the Community Action Partnership of North Central Missouri at 855-290-8544 for more information.