Candidate filing for Grundy County positions to begin in February

Run For Office

Candidate filing for the election of several Grundy County and state offices will begin next month.

Individuals wishing to file for the county positions of Associate Circuit Judge, Presiding Commissioner, County Clerk, Clerk of the Circuit Court/Recorder of Deeds, or Prosecuting Attorney may file for the primary election at County Clerk/Election Authority Betty Spickard’s office in the courthouse in Trenton from February 27th to March 27th.

Declarations of candidacy may also be filed for Township or Ward Committeeman or Township or Ward Committeewoman positions, who are to be elected at the primary election.

Filing for the state positions of United States Senator, State Auditor, Representative in Congress for District 6, State Senator for District 12, State House of Representatives for District 7, or Circuit Judge for Circuit Number 3 will be held at Missouri Secretary of State John R. Ashcroft’s office in the James C. Kirkpatrick State Information Center in Jefferson City also from February 27th to March 27th.

The primary election will be held August 7th.

The general election will be held November 6th.

Offices that become vacant by the expiration of the term should also be filled at the general election.