Cameron Regional Medical Center sets up special facility to screen patients

Cameron Regional Medical Center Website

A fever/respiratory tent has been set up by the Cameron Regional Medical Center Emergency Room.

The tent is available daily from 8 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock at night. Any patient at least 16 years old exhibiting fever and/or respiratory problems should be screened at the tent instead of at one of the hospital’s satellite clinics. Children younger than 16 may go to a satellite clinic for screening.

Patients who call a satellite clinic with the potential for COVID-19 will be evaluated over the phone and quarantined at home unless a provider says otherwise. All satellite clinic doors will be locked. Patients will be seen by appointment only and screened at the entrance.

After-hours care at the Walnut Medical Clinic will be limited to appointments only, and no walk-ins will be allowed. Appointments should be made for non-fever, non-respiratory matters only unless the patient is 15 years old or younger.

The Cameron Regional Medical Center Emergency Room Ambulance entrance and adjacent Outpatient Clinic 1 entrance will be open and unlocked until further notice. Anyone entering the building through the Outpatient Clinic will have his or her temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or more will be sent to the fever/respiratory tent for screening or home for self-quarantine.

No visitors will be allowed within the hospital unless they are screened for fever first. Minor patients can have one parent present at a time. Dialysis patients will enter the hospital as normal, and a staff member will escort them to dialysis.

The Ambassador Program and student training programs have been suspended. Meals on Wheels will be delivered to the door only. No meetings involving outside entities will be scheduled at the Cameron Regional Medical Center, and no sales representatives will be allowed.

There will be a mandatory 14-day quarantine for hospital employees who have traveled abroad or to one of the United States’ “hot spots.” A moratorium has been placed on employee travel.

Contact the Cameron Regional Medical Center for more information at 816-649-3260.