Cainsville and Ridgeway schools report cases of COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Harrison County Health Department is providing notice regarding positive cases of COVID-19 at the Cainsville and Ridgeway schools

According to the health department office, Cainsville R-1 school has one staff member with COVID-19, and the Ridgeway R-5 school has one student with COVID-19.

Following discussions with the health department, the Cainsville School District reports via Facebook, the cancellation of classes as of today to allow for school-wide cleaning. Virtual classrooms for Cainsville will start Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

Students from 6th through 12th grades will be required to sign in to their Google Classroom for assignments starting tomorrow. Students of pre-kindergarten through 5th grade are to be contacted Thursday with further instruction. For information or clarification, contact the superintendent’s office at Cainsville.

The Ridgeway School District reported on Facebook that the student with COVID-19 is isolating at home.

The health department is working with each school district on notifying close contacts for each case. As of Sunday afternoon, the health department reported 74 COVID-19 cases in Harrison County with 14 cases active.