BTC Bank named top farm lender

BTC Bank

BTC Bank has been recognized as a Top Farm Lender by both the American Bankers Association and Independent Community Bankers of America. BTC Bank’s recognition is based on the strength of its competitive banking services and operational efficiencies throughout 2019 and showcases BTC Bank’s commitment, ingenuity, and skill in adapting to market dynamics and evolving customer needs.

Acknowledged as a Top Farm Lender, BTC Bank has established a reputation as leading experts in Ag lending and banking. BTC Bank knows that farming is both livelihood and business. The community bank prides itself on having the experience, knowledge, and tools to help farmers maximize their potential.

“At BTC Bank, we have a heavy focus on agriculture: on its producers, their families, and the ag affiliated businesses and communities they live and work in,” said Doug Fish, President, and CEO. “Being recognized as a Top Farm Lender by two prominent financial organizations is an incredible honor. Our success is a testament to the faith of our customers, the hard work and dedication of our talented employees, and how committed we are to our ag communities.”

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