Brookfield man charged with property damage and escape

Charges Filed

A Brookfield man has been charged with felony first-degree property damage after a police officer responded to a call about lights being on on a vehicle.

Fifty-three-year-old Todd Aaron Boh has also been charged with felony escape or attempted escape from custody while under arrest for a felony and misdemeanor assault—fourth degree.

Boh pleaded not guilty at an arraignment in the Associate Division of Linn County Circuit Court on March 24th. His bond was amended to own recognizance with conditions, including that he read and sign the Linn County bond form and get a mental health and substance abuse evaluation within 14 days. No previous bond was shown. The case is set for counsel status on April 29th.

A probable cause statement from Preston Sandner of the Brookfield Police Department says he responded to 621 West Locking Avenue on March 21st and saw Boh coming from a van belonging to McRentals.  The officer observed another van belonging to McRentals with its windows busted, mirrors knocked off, and tail lights broken. The probable cause statement notes Boh had a fresh cut on his head and cuts and blood on his hands, consistent with cuts from glass.

Sandner reports Boh said there was a motorcycle gang in the parking lot and other police officers on the scene, but there was no one else in the parking lot. Boh allegedly told the officer he would beat him and resisted being placed in handcuffs.