Braymer man issued continuance in court appearance on Monday

Garland Joseph Joey Nelson

A continuance has been issued in the court cases involving Braymer resident Garland Joey Nelson who faces multiple felony counts stemming from the deaths more than a year ago of two brothers from Wisconsin.

At an arraignment Monday in Johnson County Circuit Court with the defendant present, online docket information shows the defense attorney requested that Nelson continue to be incarcerated at Caldwell County’s jail. The court also was told that the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department will continue to transport Nelson to Warrensburg for each court appearance. The special prosecutor accepted the request made in court.

Nelson’s next appearance is Tuesday, October 20th (at 9:30 am) when motions are to be heard by Judge R. Michael Wagner. The criminal cases were moved to Johnson County on a change of venue from Caldwell County. Nelson faces ten felony counts including two for alleged first-degree murder.

Nick and Justin Diemel were reported missing in July of last year after traveling to the Braymer farm to collect on cattle debt. Nelson has been accused of shooting the two brothers, putting their bodies in 55-gallon barrels, and burning their bodies.

The Caldwell County sheriff’s office previously confirmed dental records were used to identify their remains that were found last November in Missouri and Nebraska.