Big BAM cyclists to arrive in Chillicothe Today

Big Bam (Bicyclists Across Missouri)

The Big BAM, or Bicycle Across Missouri event is underway, and more than 500 cyclists and 100 support staff are slated to ride into Chillicothe today.

The cyclists are traveling approximately 50 miles per day. This event is classified as a recreational ride, meaning that cyclists will be traveling at their own pace, and will be arriving in Chillicothe throughout the day.

The cyclists spent Sunday in Hamilton, and a tentative route takes them from Hamilton to Chillicothe via Ludlow and Dawn. Cyclists will take Highway 13 to Route U, they then travel 20 miles on Highway 36, before turning south on Route D to Ludlow.

The troupe will stop at the Ludlow Lions Ball Field between 11 am and 2 pm for lunch, drinks, and music, then proceed to Chillicothe Monday afternoon. To get to Chillicothe, the tentative route takes the cyclists down Highway 36. Once they reach Chillicothe, it’s more live entertainment and food.

Many of the cyclists are set to camp overnight in Simpson Park. However, some will opt to stay in motels or recreational vehicles. Simpson Park will be closed to traffic during the Big BAM event.

Three live bands will provide entertainment beginning at 4 pm, with the public welcome to attend. Food and drink vendors will be set up in the park from 3 pm until 10 pm. Those not participating in the Big BAM event will be asked to leave the park after the entertainment at 10:30 pm

Tuesday, June 14, the cyclists will gear up, and head out of town for the community of Brookfield.