Bid reviews dominate meeting of Gallatin Board of Aldermen

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen accepted several bids Monday evening.

One bid was for Micro Comm’s annual support bid for the water plant supervisory control and data acquisition system for $3,500.

Herzog’s bid for street work was accepted. It involved $96,096 for East and West Van Buren and $122,148 for North and South Daviess. Keller also submitted a bid for street work for $110,700 for East and West Van Buren and $158,4000 for North and South Daviess.

A bid described as “the most advantageous” was accepted from Terry Implement for a new Ferris mower plus trade-in for $7,684. Early Tractor submitted a bid for a new Grasshopper mower plus trade-in of $6,600.

Bonnett Trailer Sales’s bid of $6,176.80 was accepted for a 22-foot trailer with a 14,000-pound capacity. There were three other bids submitted including Woodworth at $7,950, Terry Implement at $7,850 and Trailer Town for $7,300.

Two bids were opened for cemetery mowing but none were accepted at that time. The bids came from Legendary Lawn Care and Adam Perry for Lile and Greenwood/Brown. Legendary bid for Lile was $95, Greenwood/Brown for $580 with Perry’s bid for Lile was $280 and Greenwood/Brown for $1,080.

The City of Gallatin has been funded $639,922.50 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for a sewer plant clarifier replacement project. The clarifier has to be replaced because of 2019 flooding.

David Roll with the Daviess County Emergency Management Agency announced the county has adopted an Emergency Operations Plan. He requested the City of Gallatin adopt a similar plan. He said the city may use the county’s plan and make additions to the plan as needed.

Gallatin Police Chief Mark Richards reported the police department has received several calls relating to what precautions Gallatin is taking regarding COVID-19 and the public’s restrictions. Gallatin is currently observing the statewide regulations put out by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services director.

City Administrator Lance Rains will draft an employee procedure regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rains provided an example ordinance for board review regarding restrictions on a medical marijuana dispensary within the city limits. The city has the ability to reduce the distance a dispensary can be from a church or school, but the city cannot increase the current state statute requirement of 1,000 feet.

The board is interested in working with a collection agency for outstanding utility payments and would like to hear what Prime Shares’ best offer is for collecting on a specific outstanding balance.