Beef producers workshop to be held in Trenton

An informational workshop for beef producers is scheduled in Trenton June 7th, with the Barton Farm Campus hosting visiting livestock specialists and educators from two universities.  The workshop is expected to focus on topics such as marketing, economic analysis, and risk management in the cattle-raising business.

Representing the University of Wyoming are Bridger Feuz who is to promote the economic ranch tools website. He’s also to discuss risk management strategies. Hudson Hill, also from the University of Wyoming, is to talk about cow herd nutrition.

Representing the University of Missouri, Jenna Monnig is to discuss heat stress for beef cattle; and Jim Humphrey is to talk about beef cows and the 2018 drought. Questions that could be answered include how much can a rancher afford to pay for replacement heifers as well as what is the break-even price on early weaning?

The beef cow workshop on June 7th is scheduled from 10:30 until 2 o’clock.  Lunch will be provided. Ranchers, and others, who plan to attend are asked to make a reservation so a count can be given for how many will be there for lunch.

The Andrew County Extension Office in Savannah can be contacted for lunch reservations at 816-324-3147.

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