Awards presented to Trenton Middle School students

Trenton, Missouri Middle School

Awards were presented to Trenton Middle School students Friday morning.

Awards given included those for perfect attendance, which went to fifth graders Garrison Otto and Kinsley Otto; sixth graders Kiley Lawrence, Baylee McCullough, and Madalyn Tipton; seventh graders Ava Frazier, Victor Markell, and Lance Polk; and eighth-grader Kaylea Boyle.

Each student with perfect attendance received a gift certificate to the Trenton Cinema.

Those with near perfect attendance who were absent for less than one full day of school were fifth graders Isaac Bonta, Alyssa Bunnell, Elexyss Miller, and Silas Spencer; sixth grader Mason Rongey; seventh grader Jaydon Stotts; and eighth graders Jocelyn Archuleta, Eliana Cowling, Krysta McCullough, Brody Polk, and Sarah Washburn.

Top Dawg Awards were presented to one female and one male from each grade who demonstrated the best overall qualities of academic success, citizenship, and character education. Top Dawg Award recipients received a t-shirt.

Those awards went to fifth graders Ali Cox and Titus Kottwitz, sixth graders Shaylise Turner and Riley Gott, seventh graders Aubree Dalrymple and Jacob Gibson, and eighth graders Serenity Marsh and Tucker Otto.

Several students received the President’s Award for Educational Excellence for having a 4.0-grade point average the first three quarters of the school year and scoring advance on all Missouri Assessment Program assessments.

Students receiving the President’s Award for Educational Excellence were seventh graders Aubree Dalrymple, Ava Frazier, Victor Markell, and Zane Michael and fifth graders Isaac Bonta, Titus Kottwitz, Andrea Lotz, Chylissa Turner, and Brianna Wheelbarger.